Visual Introduction to Computer Programming for Complete Beginners


About Karel coding

Karel Coding is an excellent introductory computer programming course for complete beginners. Computer programming is something that can be learned, same as reading, writing or playing a musical instrument. In fact it’s simpler than that. About 90% of computer programming  is planning, problem solving, and perseverance. Only 10% is about mastering a concrete programming language such as Python, C/C++ or Java. Karel coding will teach you the 90%. 

Educational Programming Language

There is a reason why pilots first learn with a flight simulator, before entering the cockpit of a real plane. For the same reason, this course uses an educational programming language called Karel the Robot. This legendary programming language is simplified Python: It uses simple English commands such as “go”, “left”, “right”, “get”, “put”, “repeat”, “if”, “while” etc. which allows students to focus on developing algorithmic and problem-solving skills which are a crucial prerequisite for success in computer programming.