Skills you will master

  • Computational thinking
  • Logic and problem solving
  • Clean and effective code writing
  • Counting (repeat) loop, nested loops
  • Conditional (if-else) statements
  • Conditional (while) loop
  • Defining and using custom commands
  • Using functions that return a value
  • Using local and global variables
  • Basic operations with Python lists
  • Designing recursive algorithms
  • Solving advanced problems
  • Running and debugging programs

What You Will Learn

Programming starts with learning how to think like a computer (computational thinking), how to create a well defined procedure that converts an input to a desired output (algorithmic thinking), how logic works (logical thinking), and finally, how to break down a problem into manageable parts and solve it the best way possible (problem-solving), and of course, coding itself.

Karel uses a very simple script so that you can focus on these thinking skills, and at the same time become accustomed to writing code. The script is based on the Python Programming language, but the skills you learn will prepare you for any procedural language.

Recommended Background

For Karel, you do not need prior programming experience. You can explore some basic mathematical concepts such as comparison operators and probability.